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Big Problem with Sync !


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i am using the Windows 7 (Windows 8) Desktop-Client for Evernote.

But now, i have a big problem with syncing...

I get the error message:

"Sync failed due to unexpected behavior at the client side"


The other Applications for the Tablet and Android-Phone continue to work reliably.


Here a Screenshot from the Error-Message:


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Hi.  Sync problems can be due to a variety of things,  starting off with your own connection or the Evernote server having a busy time.  In that case just retry later. 


If you're seeing the same message over hours or days,  then there may be an issue with the unsynced notes on your system.  You can check these by going to List view and sorting on the Sync column.  Have a look at the Activity list (the satellite dish icon) on your desktop and the Activity Log (via Help) for clues as to whether a specific note is the problem.  (Save a copy of the log to a file - you may need it later)


You could move any suspect note(s) (or all unsynced notes if there are no other clues) to a new Local (unsynced) Notebook and try the connection again.  If things work correctly,  move the unsynced notes back into their correct synced notebook(s) in small batches to find the rogue note.


If that fails,  try uninstalling and reinstalling Evernote - there are more detailed instructions in the forums here if you need them.  Do make sure you backup your database.


If that fails,  try exporting the unsynced notes to ENEX files,  notebook by notebook,  and rename your database EXB file - again more information on that around here if you need it.


If all of the above fails,  or if you're nervous about any of the operations,  raise a support ticket (see below).  Always keep a backup copy of your current database just in case...


Good luck!

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