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Chrome Web Clipper 6.2 Beta



Hi all,

We're working on a new updated design for the Web Clipper and have a Chrome version ready for beta testers. 


New things in version 6.2:

- New UI taking upp less screen real estate

- New Screenshot + Annotation UX)

- Improved UX around notebook selection, tagging, and adding remarks to clip.

- New Sharing UX

- Improvements to work better on smaller screen resolutions. 


Known issues:

- Toast messages in Screenshot flow / Annotation mode are not displaying properly.
- After clip you cannot start Clipper again on same page without a refresh. 
- A couple of layout bugs on the options page.
- A few options/settings missing



This version has now been released to production as 6.2

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I just got around to give the new clipper a spin.


Switching between the different clipping modes seem very quick, and changing the title, notebooks and adding tags are less tedious (although far less readable, why grey on grey?). However, although it does clip the note, the syncing message never stops.


OS X 10.9.3, Chrome 35.0.1916.153

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Thx pgdahl,

Does the syncing message always hang up or on certain pages?


If on certain pages only it would be great if you can post the URL and we can troubleshoot from there. 


So far, I have not found any pages, where it did not hang up. Also, it does not matter which clipping mode I use.

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I downloaded the new version (june 30) and now it works fine in terms of not hanging up.


However, I've noticed another problem with the clipper always wanting to file the clipping in my default folder regardless if I have chosen the option to always use last folder used.


And a feature request: I would like the ability to add reminders before the clipping occur, thus also being able to enjoy the option to have the clipper close automatically.

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Thank you Evernote for bringing back the intuitive functionality of the old clipper with this ver 6.2 update.  The universe is back in alignment.  Food tastes better.  My kids are better behaved.  I've started brushing my teeth up and down.  I'm using my turn signal.  Thank you.  Thank you.  Thank you.


That was a frustrating interlude with version 6.  Please don't do that to us again.

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Hi all,

Thanks for all the help testing and reporting problems. This version is now released so please make sure you disable or uninstall the beta version and go back to using the production version. Re-installing from www.evernote.com/webclipper will always get you the latest version.  

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Is it possible to bring back the annotation menu in evernote for Chrome?

I used this function directly without saving any webclip. Since I want to do markup on the whole page and then parse it into another program...

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