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stop growbuddy sync


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I am using evernote free addition.  I tried an app called growbbudy never synced to evernote. i did not like the app and removed it from all devices.

now every time I open or close evernote (or sometimes it just seams random) the evernote pop up says grow buddy to big to sync wiuold you like to upgrade? How can I stop this? grow buddy won't help and evernote sent me here for help.


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It sounds like the Grow Buddy app created a note in your Evernote account which is too large to sync given your Evernote limits.  So the first thing to do is to find that note (or perhaps multiple notes) that Grow Buddy created and delete it/them (which will send it/them to the trash); then empty the trash.  See if that stops the message.


If it doesn't, as a next step you might want to try clearing your Evernote cache; this is done a bit differently depending on the device, so if you need help with that, let us know here.


If that doesn't work, your best bet is probably to remove Evernote from the device(s) in question and reinstall it.  Someone had a similar issue here and uninstalling/reinstalling solved it for them.


Also, if you're not sure which note(s) are causing the problem, there is an Activity Log that you can find generally in the Support section of the Evernote app, which can help identify what's causing the sync to fail.

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