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BUG: Any word on a solution to the problem of printing underlined and italicized text?


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Any word from Evernote on when or if they intend to fix the printing problem that's been going on for years now?  Even with the new version that came out today, printing underlined or italicized text doesn't work from the Windows app.  Underlines go through the text instead of under it, and italicized letters get cut off (see attached PDF printout), making it impossible to use the print feature to print notes you intend to actually use.  Doesn't matter whether you print to a printer or PDF.  (Printing from the web version is not a problem, though.)  I'm a premium subscriber and use Evernote for both business and personal use.  Although it's getting less and less frequent, I don't always have access to the internet, so printing from the web version is not always an option.  I love Evernote, but not being able to print a usable note without an internet connection is getting to be a problem.


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Unfortunately no.

EN devs are aware of this but other things seem to have higher priority for the moment.

I know it's been a long time since this issue came up, but still no solution.

I also have this problem for alll of my 3 printers.

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