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Skitch Can't Paste into GMail

Mark Levison

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Skitch version 2.7.2

OSX 10.9.3


Reproduction steps:

  1. Grab an image from the Screen into Skitch
  2. Use the Copy Image under the Edit Menu
  3. Paste the Image into an empty gmail (web app under firefox)
  4. Send the email to someone else
  5. whether they use GMail or not they all complain that what was sent was a string of bytes not a picture

I've since reproduced this problem using both PostBox and AirMail - Mac email clients - so its not a gmail webapp bug.


If you want an example I will happily send someone at evernote an email containing just a picture I copy and paste from Evernote.


Clearly its tough to tell if this is an Skitch bug or a Gmail bug.




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Hi Mark,


Mac OSX 10.9.3

Skitch 2.7.2


I use gmail as well as PostBox.  I followed your steps, however, I was unable to produce the same results.  The images I pasted into emails were received as images, not a string of bytes.  The images were as sent.


With this said, it may be your Skitch app.  

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