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Uploaded photos (JPGs) do not all appear in Note


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Hi - 


On the Desktop EN client in Windows 7, I have uploaded 21 jpg photos totaling 41.9 mb. It's been about 6 hours now, and they still do not all appear in the note. About 8 or 9 are there, and there are blank spaces where a photo might be as I scroll down - and even an "Annotate" button upon hover-over in these blank spaces, but the photos are not appearing nor do they seem to be loading. 


**I have viewed this on the web, and all 21 photos DO appear!


It's key that I view all on the EN for Windows client, because I need to annotate the photos using the internal Skitch annotator.


I'm using Evernote for Windows GA 


Any help would be greatly appreciated...thanks!





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  1. Have you manually synced your desktop client?

Does your Activity drop-down show a 'last synced' time or date

When you say 'uploaded' how did you get these pics into Evernote web before your local windows desktop client?  I would have just dragged and dropped them into the note  on my desktop.

Why would you upload large pics and then edit them?  That means you'll use up your upload al.lowance again when you re-save the changed version. (Tip: drag and drop your pics into a local (unsynced) notebook and do your editing.  Then move to a synced notebook.)

If you open the desktop note and leave it a while,  does the note note show the missing pictures?  It might take a little while to catch up...

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Thanks for your reply. Answers below:


1. Yes, many times.


2. Last activity says (as I write this) it was last synced 13 minutes ago.


3. I created a new note in EN DT client (CTRL+N), then clicked the paper clip icon to add the 21 photos. It is easier (for me) to add photos that way than to drag them....would that make a difference? I only checked EN web after I noticed these weren't uploading viewing...just as a troubleshooting measure. 


4. I didn't realize that I was doubling-up space allowance by annotating in a sync'd notebook. To confirm, do you suggest I create an unsync'd "holding cell" notebook where I'd create notes w/photos, annotate, then move them to a sync'd notebook?


5. It's now been about 8 hours or more, and it's the same handful of photos showing....the bottom left of the note says there are 21 items and the full correct amount of mb (41.9) and there is enough white space to account for all the photos...everything indicates that they are indeed there, except for that it's a blank white space instead of a photo.

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Hmmn.  For 4 above - yes,  I'd suggest you create a local notebook and add your pictures to the desktop client rather than online. 


(Actually I'd suggest you use a completely different process to edit and store your pictures.  because using Evernote for this is like using ..er.. an Elephant to crack a peanut.  Picasa is good,  also Photoshop and a zillion other photo editing apps...)


As far as your 'empty' note spaces are concerned,  I suggest you close Evernote,  reboot and restart - and if things still aren't working,  submit a support ticket (see below).  Good luck!

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