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  1. Search is not working for me either on any platforms: Windows client, web, ipad, iOS. This is obviously a catastrophic issue that renders the app useless Where is Evernote staff to update us?
  2. Same here, I cannot search on Windows client, web, iOS, or iPad. Same error message as others have posted above. Without search, I cannot really even use Evernote and get to the information I need for work. HELP!
  3. Sorry, I'm not clear on what you're recommending. What exactly should I do to remove the unneeded exb files? I don't know which is the correct one.
  4. Thank you. So how do I know which is the correct one in order to delete the others? Should I uninstall Evernote windows client, then delete all 3 exb files, then re-install and let it build a new one exb file?
  5. Hi all - I have been searching my computer (Windows 10) to find ways to free up space, and I noticed that I have multiple .exb files - one loose on my desktop, one in an an Evernote folder on my desktop, then yet another in my documents-->Evernote-->Databases. Why do I have multiples, shouldn't I only have one? These are HUGE files.....the files are 67 GB, .500MB and 57 GB respectively! I don't know if this is related but recently, my 2 TB hard drive space has been draining, and I can't figure out why or how. I'm conscious of what files I save, and even when I haven't done any activity, I can literally watch the available space rapidly decrease in the File Explored window. I do sync my laptop and desktop with Google Drive, but everything seems to be AOK there.....I suspect something is going on with Evernote, considering these multiple exb files. Any help would be appreciated!
  6. Thanks for your reply. Just to be clear, my recipients 100% definitely used to be able to view PDFs by clicking on them, without having to download to their own hard drives. It might have been a via a Chrome interface, but they didn't have to download nonetheless. I know this because it has caused an uproar at my office where I have been sharing links with my team for years, and now all of a sudden the ability to view is gone for everyone.
  7. How can I share a URL link to my note that contains a PDF, and the recipient could view/open the PDF within Evernote web or Chrome, instead of having to download the PDF? This used to be something that could be done, but something changed in recent times. This is a terrible inconvenience, so much so that I can no longer use Evernote for many of the tasks that I am used to doing. Is there a setting or something that allows this, that I may be missing? I am using Windows 10/PC Evernote client to create the notes, then create a share link which I send to folks who are on a variety of systems (Mac, PC, phone, etc). Thank you! Darren
  8. Hi All - I am having major problems annotating PDFs - can someone help? This started today (first time I've tried to annotate a PDF in about a week) - I right-click and choose "annotate this PDF" and it just keeps "thinking" (circular icon keeps spinning). I kept cancelling and trying again, restarting, updated the software, trying on another computer...then I finally let it keep spinning while I walked away for a while. I came back to see this error, attached. I re-downloaded the PDF from the webs source and re-saved into another note and it still didn't work. I finally clicked "Annotate a copy of this note" and I WAS able to annotate the note and save...however, when I went back to open the annotation window, I got the same error again. I tried other notes in my notebook - some work and some don't. I can't find a discernible pattern. What could this be? I'm using Windows 10, just updated to the latest EN Windows client. By the way, as a side note I really dislike the new PDF viewing interface that rolled out a month or so ago. It's a terrible viewing and usage experience. Navigating in the note and getting to the correct spot in the PDF is like trying to get around in a minefield. Extremely frustrating. Anyway, can anyone help me trouble-shoot this annotation issue? Thank you!! Darren
  9. Hi I'm trying to annotate a PDF in Evernote. It is a construction drawing, so it's got lots of small detail, so I zoomed in to, say 75%. At this soomed in level, the whole PDF is naturally not all visible on the screen at once, but I cannot pan or move the image left and right so I can annotate the whole thing. There's no hand or panning tool, nor is there a edge scroll bar for me to click and scroll. I can use the mouse wheel to scroll up and down, but nothing to move me sideways. Am I missing something? I'm using the EN client on Win 7. Thanks in advance for your help! - Darren
  10. I can't help notice that you said you would roll back the change "for now." Sounds like you will UNroll it again in the future? Can you please be more specific? If this will EVER be unrolled again, then I will still have the same problem I have now, and Evernote will cease to be functional for me.
  11. I contacted @Evernotehelps on Twitter yesterday and they said it;s a bug which they are fixing....see below (hope fully the embedded Tweet displays properly): [edited: cannot display the tweet]
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