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Evernote send email to my other email address ?

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i just recieved an email from evernote telling about the forum being hacked, i read it and since it says the forum account is separated from the notes keeping service, my notes should be fine, so i didn't bother it too much
and then i realised something wrong
evernote is sending the email to my gmail account, and my evernote account is only connected to my yahoo mail account and was never connected to my google account in any way, how does evernote know my gmail account and send email there ?
i 'm pretty sure the email come from evernote itself and not phising (i compared it with other email i recieved in my yahoo mail, the sender and everything are exact same), but just in case, how can i contact evernote team so i can show them the email and verify if it's really from them ?
and by the way this is the first time i activated the forum account so an email notifiying about hacked forum account which didn't exist is actually a little weird to me

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I had the same thing happen. Not sure how/ why evernote sent mail to a me.com address which I haven't affiliated with the forum 

That's something only you and support could find the answer to. Submit a support ticket to get this figured out. 

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