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100 Conflicting Changes folders to delete

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Last night I had EN open on my Mac and PC similtaneously. I was trying to figure out why a particular note wasn't syncing properly.


Went on to other things and came back to this mess to clean up.


Every 5 minutes a new Conflicting Changes folder appeared.  Each one to be manually deleted with a right click and a confirmation.


I understand the sync thing now and hope to avoid the mistake in the future.  But seriously?  Look at that little grey bar in the scroll bar.  I have over 100 of these to fiddle with.


Oh *****.  What does this look like on my iPhone?  ugh



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Sorry to see things went badly for you,  but I'd guess you have more serious concerns than how the iPhone will parse the sync.  You should be able to delete most of these conflicts from the desktop,  and if they're never synced to the phone you won't have to be embarassed by them.  But there's no way that simply having two PCs running the same database should generate a conflict every few minutes.  There's something else in play here that you need to get to the bottom of - I recommend a support ticket (see below).

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You should be able to delete most of these conflicts from the desktop


How to do this en masse? Because it takes several *clicks* to delete each one, and I don't see any menu options that would even allow me to use a command macro.

It's a bit irksome bc searching the site for this information yields no answer, though I'm guessing it's a common source of frustration.  



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