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  1. It shouldn't be that easy to destroy your work, but Evernote makes it that easy. And the sad part is they will probably never fix this, or the hundreds of other bugs in their software. Some people are saying that Evernote is past its sell-by date, and that smart people would be well advised to back up their data elsewhere-- before it all disappears.
  2. How to do this en masse? Because it takes several *clicks* to delete each one, and I don't see any menu options that would even allow me to use a command macro. It's a bit irksome bc searching the site for this information yields no answer, though I'm guessing it's a common source of frustration. ~k
  3. Being able to customize recent notes sidebar is really important for a good workflow. At the very least, the user needs to be able to set it to more than 5! This seems like a very minor change.
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