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Progress Bar / Graph / Line Appears at Top of Note


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Just recently, I have started seeing a "progress bar" or line "grow" across the top of a note, then disappear.


What is Evernote doing?  Or, what does that progress bar mean?


I'm trying to "make" it happen and I can't seem to.  At times, it seems like it goes right after I make an edit.  But, now on that same note, it won't do it.


Curiosity killed the cat; anyone know?

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I believe that this is the note locking feature in shared notes. When the note loads, it checks if it is locked at all.


Are these notes in a shared notebook?


I *think* that there may be an implied sync but I am not sure, haven't tested it a lot.


In the activity log you will see:

21:26:30 [111268] 0% Retrieving note lock status for "Note Title"



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Ah.  Thanks Scott.


Funny; I had tried making my test note a shared note and could not get the bar to appear.


But, now, it is, and sure enough the Activity Log updates with what you said right about the same time that bar / line goes across the top.  (Caught a screen shot of it; will attach.)


Side Note: I'm attaching a picture of the Activity Log also.  Kind of curious why there is an error there.


Side Side Note: well I thought I was going to upload the files, but I'm only allowed up upload 9.8K  The error says this:


14:52:04 [5488] 0% Acquiring note lock for "What the heck is this"
14:52:04 [5488] 0% * guid={3D8E8AF6-0FAB-4240-AF2A-243C4AA2FE51}
14:52:04 [5488] 0% EDAMUserException: errorCode=17 parameter="noteNotShared"
15:03:29 [6252] Registered session count: 2, last session: 2014/06/12 15:00:00
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