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(Archived) When does the "Current monthly usage" begin?

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Trying to maximum my storage with Evernote.

When does the Evernote clock actually switch over to the new month.

Is it based on midnight at my location or California time?

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The service keeps track of the time when you created your account, and each "month" for you is the 30 days after that (i.e. 720 hours).

If you upgrade to Premium, we reset your "month" to start on the date & time that you upgrade so that you don't lose out if you happen to upgrade near the end of your Free "month".

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So ... :? ... let me see if I have this right.

My "settings info" page says (among other things)

Username: netherton

Account type: Free

Member since: Saturday, January 31 2009

Monthly upload allowance: 40 MB

Current usage: 33 MB (84%)

Days left in cycle: 24

So my allowance was established on Day 31 of this year.

It was reset on March 2 (Day 61).

And reset on April 1 (Day 91).

And reset on May 1 (Day 121).

And reset on May 31 (Day 151).

And reset on June 30 (Day 181).

And reset on July 30 (Day 211).

And reset on August 29 (Day 241).

And will reset on September 28 (Day 271).

If so, then this would explain why I got caught short. I loaded up on August 30, thinking that it would reset on Aug 31 ("member since Jan 31", right?). But as it turned out, I actually loaded up on the day *after* the allowance had reset. :shock:

Did I miss anything here?

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Thanks for confirming. Knowing this will help me manage my usage better, starting next month. 8)

I do find Evernote very useful, BTW. In large part, I use it as a sort of portable "favorites list," which I can use at a work site that is nervous about thumb drives and the viruses etc that can lurk on them.

I also use it as a (portable) jotting-down pad for ideas on longer-term projects (such as articles, or maybe a book). With a portable voice recorder, someone still has to transcribe the audio notes. Not so, when you've already typed it into Evernote.

All this use is personal not work-related -- hence still accepting the limits of the free account. Nonetheless, I like it, and will be happy to recommend it to friends who might express a need for its functions.

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