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editing images

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I am using Evernote on my Android and MacBook. I like the camera feature but I can't seem to do anything with the photo.

On Mac, the image is dead, can't select it or anything. The only thing I can do is move the cursor one character past and hit delete to remove it.

On Android it is smarter but more evil. Clicking the image allows me to open an editor and crop it, and even save the modified image back to Evernote. But not to the same note! But only can't seem to figure out how to edit the image and leave it in the same note!

So I am sure there's some way to do this, but I can use some guidance for how!

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On Mac:

1) Simply right click any image and select "annotate this image" to annotate with Evernote's built in Skitch tools

2) Simply right click any image and select "open" to open in the default image viewer (probably Preview.app) or "Open With" to open in an application of your choice. 


If you edit in an external application, make sure you save the changes in the external application, close the application, THEN sync, to ensure that the whole process works out alright and nothing is unexpectedly overwritten. 


Don't know about android. 

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Which editor are you using in Android?  Evernote's 'Annotator' is a little basic - if you would like to do more with your images,  try other editors from Google Play.  You should be able to download the image from your note to the phone,  edit it in any image editor,  and copy / paste it into the same note.  Beware though if you're doing this with pictures (which can be quite large) it will affect your upload limit - the original picture is uploaded,  then a new one with changes.  Better to take a picture with the device camera if you wish to edit it,  then save the finished version to Evernote.

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