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evernote's misconfigured invitation system

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Hello All

Evernote has a invitation system with which you can inform your friends about EVERNOTE.

But when we don\t be able to write a personal message in the invitation email they don't take it serious.

Evernote should put a section in which we be able to write our message in the invitation email so for sure many of the guys out there who need such thing, will join and use EVERNOTE

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Yes, if evernote allow us to write a message then it will be a personal invitation between some friends. Since people trust their friend's words it will be a much important invitation for them and they will take it more serious.


Please add this to evernote's invitation system


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The main issue is when you want to use text editing bar. Like text color and text size and font and other things

Please stop adding non-relevant requests to this specific topic. Make a new topic instead. I've split one off already,

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