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Not able to open a shared Note

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Lots of patience here JustCurious!


Did you install Evernote on your PC?  If so, Open Evernote, File>Import File, navigate to the .enex file and select it.  Evernote should import it into a Notebook that will be entitled, INPUT "The Name of the File".  The file will be inside that Notebook.

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OK, I had the web app not the PC version.

Changed language to english because translation in local language was wrong (i.e  export instead of import!!)

After that Evernote keep saying that theprogram has a problem and it has to be closed  and ask to leave a message about the problem.

Another problem makes impossible to leave message. I forced and closed Evernote processes, but when I try to launch it again I'm in to an endless loop with the same problem message and all previously described identical problems....

Quite disappointing and frustrating.....


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tried again after rebooting the computer, but I'm trapped again in the same loop.... no way to  use it


Message: In order to syncchronize your notes with Evernote Service, you must provideyour account password. To continue without synchronizing, click Cancel.


After this I'm not able to do anything and a message asking me to send feedback about the problem appears but again I can't do  anyrhing


I can only close  Evernote from Task Manager


: ((

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I'm confused that a note has been 'shared' to you in ENEX - usually you get a URL which will open the shared note in a browser and gives you the option to 'join' a notebook to include it in your own account.  Can you request a re-share of this note from the owner?  Ask them to use the share menu rather than File > Export.

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