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Work-arounds for comments-on-notes?



Hi - I'm looking for ideas for work-flows/best practices for handling "comments on notes".


My situation: I use a shared Evernote notebook with each of my clients to collaborate on drafts. It works sweet, we just change the text color as we add our revisions. This works great. What we lack though, is the ability to "ping" each other that something is ready, or to ask a question outside the drafts. (This is both a functionality problem - but also a perception/confidence problem. Since I live in Evernote, I always get the Notification feed that something's been updated and I go & look, but clients - some of whom are new to EN - aren't sure "how to let me know".) 


I'd love to find a workflow solution that stays internal to Evernote, because any chat/comment solution is a 800 pound solution and I don't want to onboard people to another system just for this.


I was thinking of a separate note, pinned to the top, called Comments for Karen, or something like that, but wanted to see what crowd-sourcing would uncover as far as formatting or best-practices. I've looked through KustomNote to see if there was a template that covered this, and didn't see any that gave me ideas. Maybe there's a workflow idea using Reminder dates?


Anyone solved this to their satisfaction and willing to share? Thank you!



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Hi Karen,


Workflows can vary from one person to the next, each having to do what best works for them.  In the link below, this is one section we add to the bottom of our Drafts when sharing and making changes.  Obviously, we delete the section in the Final Draft, but retain the section in a "Saved Draft Version", for keeping a record of changes.  In addition, this enables us to use this as a "Training Tool" for drafting reports.




The length of the table section can be extended to whatever length you need when creating the table in Word.


Just my two cents!

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In regards to "Notifying" each other when changes have been made, Note Reminder's may do the trick.  Setting the date for the day or following day of the date the changes were made.  A Reminder should populate in the Note.  I have not tried this, as we send emails to notify each other.  Email does NOT to solve your "within Evernote" solution.

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Thank you, Sentinel - appreciate it. (Yes, good old-fashioned email might be the best notification method. True, it isn't inside Evernote, but it's not another system I need to introduce them too, either..). I like the idea of a table for annotations..thanks for the idea!

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