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Is it possible to have a different email for "sharing" than for my Evernote account?





I use Evernote at work and at home and I pay for the premium subscription myself, so my Evernote account is set up with my personal email. However, when I share notes it is generally for work and with work colleagues. Is it possible to have my account set up so that the "from" email when I send a note to someone is my work email while the email used to administer my account is my personal email.


Even better (and this is probably a feature request) I'd like to be able to have multiple emails associated with my account and have a chance to choose which one is the "from" email when I share a note through email.





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Hi - that feature request has been mentioned before - frequently - but Evernote haven't yet delivered.  You can avoid displaying 'incorrect' details by opening a second free account with your work details and sharing notebooks from your main account including those you want to share by email.  Copy them into your 2nd account and issue your emails...


(There are all sorts of options including sending information to share into the second account via its email address,  but I'd suggest you try the process out and find the best fit for your needs...)

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