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Problems syncing on different Mac computers



I started using Evernote with great expectation and really, really wanted it to be what I needed.


I'm not having issues related to interface and formatting as I only use Mac, and I do get along with the UI design.


WHat Im having terrible problems with is syncing across my devices. I am now on my iMac. I wrote a very important report on my MacBook in another location earlier. I need to look at it right now on my iMac... but it's not here. I've tried everything - reloading, restarting, chanting, rain dances.... NOTHING WORKS.


LSS : I am getting very very very tired of all these cloud-based apps that are so buggy and so unreliable. I recently had a terrible experience with Dropbox, which lost hundreds of my files, and then blamed it on me.  I'm geting to the point where I am just going to carry around a thumb-drive again.



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Check Evernote.com - is your important report there?

If not, you know your MacBook hasn't sync'd correctly. If it is on the web, then you know your iMac isn't syncing correctly.

If you have a sync issue that you can't obviously fix yourself, why don't you just open a support ticket?

The reality of most of the big cloud services is that they work perfectly well for millions and millions of users. Inevitably though, there will be occasions where things break down.

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