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  1. See?This is exactly why I am coming to completely hate these apps. Dropbox is the SAME WAY. When you have a problem, it's your fault, you're not doing enough, and you should quit griping. You are being patronizing when I have a completely legitimate gripe: your app does not deliver the service it promises to provide. And so here I am, wasting all of my time trying to figure out YOUR PROBLEM. And in answer to your query, I am on this board right now, am I not? AS a matter of fact, again: I'm wasting my precious time, responding to your condescension and unjustified irritation at my concern ab
  2. I have tried to sync both macs CONSTANTLY. Simply pressing the sync button symbol may cause it to spin, but none of my critical content is ever synced/delivered to both devices. You said, "In the first instance your opening statement seems to imply that you think your computers will sync together? This is not the case. Your account will sync to the web and each device needs to syn after that, giving you the information on each device." This should never be my problem. If I wanted to be the one paying attention to this process, then I would just use google docs, and go to google docs and wo
  3. My evernote account on my iMac is not syncing with my macbook. What are the reasons that this would happen? BTW -- I am getting REALLY sick of cloud apps that breakdown and do not work. I mean, why in the heck do I have this problem? Why should I spend time figuring out how to fix evernote's problems? I need my notes to be synched immediately, and across all my devices. When this does not happen, it ruins my workflow. And finally, this really compels me to search for a note app that actually works... I'm sick of notes NOT being synched across my devices with Evernote. Frustrat
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