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Printing problem, underlining prints through the lettering instead of underneath


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Yes, this is annoying. There is something wrong with the interface of many printers and how EN is handling that.

I have the same problem with all of my 3 printers. EN developers are aware of this but haven't come up with a solution, yet.

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Thanks for your response, but this is more than a mere "annoyance."  This bug prevents me from printing out materials from Evernote for clients or anyone else that I need to present a professional appearance for my businesses.  I am a Premium member, but there's very little I can print out for others from EN because of this problem.  Instead, I have to cut and paste into Word or some other app then edit for everything from font differences to formatting.  MAJOR, MAJOR pain in the butt. But, EN should be aware, that althought I recommend EN to others for many reasons, I always warn them about this bug and EN's seeming unwillingness or inability to address it.  This is NOT a mere "annoyance" for business/ professional users!

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It has been complained about a lot & the crappy answer you get is that EN is not a word processor & the idea behind EN is to be paperless anyway & not to print. I don't understand why they don't fix it because they offer some word processing features including printing. But the higher powers that be do not (want to) listen.

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