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(Archived) Feature Request: Copy Paste with formatting

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What kind of formatting? Are you using Evernote for Windows? It's long had a bug where the regular paste Ctrl + V is broken and actually pastes plain text (i.e., courier new font). If that's the case for you, try doing the special paste, i.e., Ctrl + Shift + V and then choose "Paste Plain Text". That will paste it in the proportional font, with (hopefully) the original formatting.

The paste plain text option is what's supposed to happen when you use Ctrl + V by default, but the editor has been pooched for a long time now.

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The newest Mac client includes a "Paste without Formatting" option.

The new Windows client will have a similar functionality (I'm not sure exactly when this feature goes in, but they have the same "text handling" list of requirements that Geech worked on for the Mac client.)


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