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Evernote Help Live Chat Transcript (shortened version)

Visitor: Previously when emailing from within EN the recipient would see my business email address in the from box. Now it shows as Paul Elias [no-reply@evernote.com]. How can I change this back?

Linda: Unfortunately there is no way to change this back.
Linda: This is a change we made to prevent spamming and filtering by email providers of emails sent from within Evernote.
Visitor: I use Evernote to communicate with customers and suppliers. Before they could simply select reply and I would receive their email. Now they cannot do this. Also it adds a feeling of being one step removed from my business when they see Paul Elias [no-reply@evernote.com].
Linda: Your email address is still the reply-to email address.
Linda: I know it's confusing since it says no-reply, but in fact... if you hit reply, it will get sent to your email.
Visitor: they will see no reply and assume they cannot reply
Linda: I understand. I can pass this feedback along to our management team.
Visitor: please
Visitor: Evernote is also a communication tool for business
Visitor: this is a backward step
Linda: I agree and what you're saying makes very much sense.
Linda: I would also assume that you cannot reply, if I didn't know how it worked.
Linda: And understandably, most people would see that and be confused.
Linda: So I apologize for that.
Linda: But unfortunately there is nothing we can change at the moment.
Linda: However, I'll definitely pass the feedback to our management.
Visitor: I was hoping that Evernote would enhance the email facility but this is a step backwards
Visitor: thanks for passing it on
Linda: No problem, I'm sorry again.

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So this issue has been discussed elsewhere, and I think the major motivation behind the change was that Evernote doesn't store your email credentials (thank gord). Previously, in order to show your own address as the sender of the message, they had to spoof your address. This is often, and increasingly, interpreted as spam by some providers so it is possible that your recipient may not receive your message if their provider thinks a spoofed address is spam. 


One solution that could be implemented would be if Evernote stored your email credentials and could actually send messages via your provider's servers. I personally wouldn't feel comfortable about this since it increases the vulnerability of my email by having my credentials stored on multiple servers, thus increasing the opportunity for it to be compromised by a hacker. Storing this information would be an immense responsibility for evernote, and may not be straightforward as different providers might not work the same as one another. 


A further option would be to send the note via the desktop mail client. But this means that users who choose not use a desktop mail client can't do this. 


It is really a bit crummy to have the no-reply@evernote.com, but they do auto-fill the reply-to address with your own email. This is not great but it is a heck of a lot better than the message ending up in spam. 


For your reference here's an earlier thread in which Evernote staff participate:


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Thanks Scott I had not seen the previous discussion. To be honest I continue to run my business using Evernote because my staff in China are now settled with it. In general each new release is a step forward, but from time to time things change for the worse.

I have written many times about the email functionality. At present it sits there almost like an after thought when it should be one of the key methods for communicating Evernote based data.

One day I will have the time and inclination to vet other project management systems and I am sure this will result in my departure. Unless things start to improve here!!

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I can completely understand your frustration with this issue. I don't know if I agree that it is an "afterthought", if it were an afterthought, Evernote would have simply let their messages go to spam folders and so on. Clearly they are actively working to ensure that content you email to others is received by them, which is ultimately the most important part. Ultimately though, emailing notes is definitely one of many pies that Evernote has their fingers in though, so it doesn't likely get much undivided attention. Evernote is not an email service provider or an email client, as such they cannot direct all of their resources towards email like an email provider or developer of an email client can. But at the same time, you are right, emailing notes around is a pretty important thing to many users, and while it is great they take strides to ensure the content gets to the intended recipient, it could be a whole lot smoother. 


Ultimately I think Evernote is in a bit of a bind in this regard. Storing users' email credentials is a fairly major request and many users will likely be reluctant to hand that over for fairly obvious security reasons. Even if Evernote took every measure in the book to ensure that users' credentials were safe, it would still rub people the wrong way, and it would still be another avenue for hackers to access a users' email. Further, as much as I trust Evernote (and I trust them a great deal), do you really want anyone other than you and your mail provider to have complete, unfettered access to your email? I certainly don't.


Building in support to use desktop clients (and hooking into web clients where possible) as a means of sending Evernote content is not a bad idea that some users have tossed around these forums, but this is a fairly significant undertaking too, so may not come quickly if Evernote does choose to support such an idea. 


Altogether, emailing notes is not currently as smooth as I think many of us would like (whether it is because we object to the marketing material placed discreetly at the bottom, or because of the way email addresses are now handled). But I would disagree that it is neglected. I suspect Evernote will continue to work on improving how email from within the client functions, but I think any of the major developments you and other users are looking for will be reasonably slow to come. Will they come soon enough for you? Who knows. As you say though, there are other project management platforms out there that may be a better fit for your needs. Not that switching platforms is an easy undertaking, especially if you have a slew of clients also using your chosen platform! 

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This is so stupid and unprofessional.    When it comes from no-reply@evernote.com it is useless and very unprofessional.   

Who did it come from? Why is your company using a free service or why can't I reply to the notes you send me?  Really Evernote???? How is this professional?


To make things even worse, the tag line in the emailed notes is also Evernote Spam.    So very disappointed.  When anyone asks us about Evernote, we no longer recommend it.  

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Due to a host of issues I have had with Evernote Business I have finally thrown in the towel and moved to Office 365.

Whilst this is not perfect I can give you one reason to move. 

When I have a problem I can pick up the phone and speak to someone. They will share my screen and so far have managed to resolve every issue.

This means my cloud based data is always accessible to each member of the team including China based colleagues.

I miss some parts of Evernote but i do not miss the poor customer service.

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