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Copy and Paste of data from excel table to the TITLE of a note

Big Sha

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Hi Guys,


I hope that this is the right place to ask this question.


I am currently working on a system using data inputted in Excel and then copied (Manually) in the Title the Evernote notes. I need to copy multiple cells in one row from excel and then to paste them into the TITLE of the note. I receive the following error: "The operation that you have attempted cannot be completed. Error: Note Title:"The tile of the note" problem: has invalid characters" 


I have tried copying this to Notepad and then to Evernote, but to no avail. 


I am using:

Windows 7 

Office 2010

Evernote: - I checked for updates, but this seems to be the latest one.


Is there a workaround this and has anyone ever encountered such issue?

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Well I tried with a a google spreadsheet, same issue (and if you leave the app it causes a error loop which need to kill EN process).


However by pasting in the body, the title have been automaticly updated with the content. Can you deal with that ?

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Hey SebR


Thanks for the reply. It is working if you paste it in the body as a plain text and then copy it to the title. If you leave it at the top of the note itself it does become the title, but if it is too long it's being cut and not the whole text is up at the Title bar. However I found a workaround. In the clipping tool of Chrome if you right mouse button the Title bar (while you make a note from there) you have the option to select "Paste as plain text" which sorts the issue out.  

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There may be a way to use mail merge to generate individual files,  though I'm not sure how you would put your long name as the title.  If you can manage that and use an Import Folder (Windows) to suck the files into Evernote,  you'll get your notes with the same title as the filenames.

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