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Templates question

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Something I still have quite figured out is the Evernote concept of Templates. When I think of templates, I envision them as being like Windows has them.

A Word template in Windows 7, is saved as a .dot file, whereas a document created from the template - say a monthly report - is saved as .docx.

Am I correct that Evernote does *not* have template specific file extensions? For any client?

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That's correct; in fact there really is no Evernote concept of templates. Every note is, in effect, its own template, so there's no base template that you can alter that would affect the formatting of other notes (except for the default font in some clients, which is used for text that's not explicitly formatted). There's also no specific option that allows you to create a new note from a template note, although more than one Evernote client has a Copy Note feature that allows you to copy a note, including tags and dates, and place it into a specified notebook; some folks -- me too -- use this as a template function: I keep a separate notebook of frequently used note types (e.g. weekly journals, bug tickets, etc.) that I use as templates, creating new copies when I need them and then filling in the details.


re extensions: pretty much so. There is an Evernote format that can contain one or more notes, including markup, metadata, OCR information and attachments, with the extension .enex, but that's mainly an export/transfer format. On the Windows client, all notes are stored in a SQLlite database with extension .exb; individual users can create .enex files as desired. Not sure about the details of how other clients do things, though.

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Ah well, I figured as much. But I was hoping. Glad you mentioned your way of doing them. I didn't think to make copies of my "templates" *before* I started making new notes. That's such obvious fix, yet until you said it, just swoosh over my head. Because, of course, the original copies of my "templates" just kept getting overwritten. Doh!

I feel extra special now. In a hockey helmut kind of way. '~' Thanks Jefito.

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