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Presentation Mode - Laser Pointer


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I just updated my Evernote on Windows XP ( and it has a free 30 day trial on Presentation Mode. I'm interested in using this and may purchase premium at some time to utilise this. One thing, however, is the pointer or laser. When in Presentation Mode it shows the different colours for the pointers but this just changes from the arrow to coloured circle. It doesn't change to the trailing laser as advertised.


I'm using a laptop with mouse pad and have tried moving the cursor around normally, and also using the left click button but to not avail.


I'm probably nitpicking but the laser could come in usefull for my meetings



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Good points, Gentlemen. I'm using an old machine while I'm in the UK. I'll try to find another computer (more up to date) to see if it works properly.


Will keep you posted as to the results which, hopefully, will be successful.


Things just keep getting better with EN.





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