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Best tagging system in the world

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For bookmarks, I use miTaggedMarks. This is not a promotion - I'm the last surviving Neanderthal to use it. (I need to "synch" by manually merging files from different laptops  :LOL )


Screenshot shows how the tagging system works. It would be great if EN used something similar.


Tags are displayed at the left. There are no concepts of hierarchy, folders, workbooks.


With no tags selected, there will be about 100 tags displayed at lower left. Top left window will be empty.The grid will contain about 10,000 URLs. 


Screenshot shows a single tag selected - "C#". Grid contains about 30 URLs that match "C#".


As soon as I selected "C#", that tag was added to the top window. The tag list reduced to the seven tags that you see in screenshot.


These seven tags are the only remaining tags that could be used for the 30 URLs in the grid. This is the "magic" of mTM. 


The "delegate" tag has (7) after it. This means that 7 URLs will have tags C# and delegate. Similarly, 3 URLs will have tags C# and func. And so on.


So, if I now click "func", there will be only 3 URLs in the grid. The window at top left will contain C# and func. The tag list will reduce to any tags that are attached to the 3 remaining URLs.


Note the a, b, c, etc at left. Clicking "a" will list only those tags whose initial character is "a"


The default tag search is AND. But note the "extended" tab at the top left.  That allows you to construct AND, NOT, OR queries. The construction is "point and click". There's no typing as in EN.


I chose an example that was small enough to display in a screenshot. With only C# selected, the list is probably small enough to scan by eye, without selecting any more tags. But the principle is simply:  keep adding tags until the grid becomes small enough. For 10.000 URLs, this takes only a few seconds.



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similar functionality is already possible in Evernote on a per-notebook bases (or, actually, "per view", so if you have "all notes" or a search, I think it should behave the same). 



Every time you select a tag, it filters with an AND. If I select the 'recall' tag in the screenshot above, It will only show notes tagged 'recall' and only list tags that are also on notes tagged recall, for example, it might now list only CFIA FSIS USDA and FDA. I can select FDA and it will only display notes tagged with both FDA and 'recall'. In my case, my tag list will likely now be empty because none of those notes are likely to have a third tag beyond 'recall' and 'FDA'. 


Is that similar to what you are after?

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Haha excellent. I think this particular feature is often overlooked or just generally not known about, though I see a lot of my fellow users struggle with navigating via tag (as opposed to searching, which Evernote seems geared towards) and this would likely help them immensely!

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