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Open links in different (not default) browser?

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Just wondering - I have a bunch of links in different notes and by default when I click on them they open up in the default browser (in my case, Chrome).


However, is it at all possible to specify that some links open in a different browser? So, for example,


Link1 to open in Chrome (default)

Link2 to open in Firefox


I understand that Evernote just passes the URL to the OS to handle, but can I add anything to the URL (via the edit window) to tell the OS to use a different browser?



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Interesting question - you'd have to look into the possibilities with individual browsers.  In theory you can create any shortcut in Evernote that you can create on your desktop so if you can use "...firefox.exe + note address (or URL)" to load Firefox and a specific page,  you can attach that to a note and call it from there as a shortcut.  It might take a while for the note to load,  because it has to wait for the browser to start first.

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Thanks, I'm going to look into that.


For now, what I've done is add a small utility which switches the default browser from within Windows. I set it to Opera and do the work there (from links in Evernote). Then switch to Chrome and open other links, etc.


It's not perfect by any stretch but it works for now.

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I would love to see Evernote make some major feature enhancements in this area.


Feature Request #1:

Each Evernote webclipper *knows* which browser it is clipping from, so I would like a setting that is says "open links in same browser that clipped this" when I click on the link(s) in that note.  Thus, links clipped from Chrome open in Chrome, links clipped from Firefox open in Firefox, etc.  This setting can be turned off, and the source clipper detail information is not lost.  That is, after turning the setting back on, all links are back to be opened by the browser that clipped them.  If the setting is turned off, then the enhancements in Feature Request #2 take over.


Feature Request #2:

If setting #1 is not set, then I'd like Evernote to have a global setting that says "open all links in ..." with a drop down showing all installed browsers.  On my machines, this dropdown would look like:

Default system browser

Internet Explorer

Mozilla Firefox

Google Chrome

That way for example, I can leave the default system browser set to IE, but set Evernote to use Firefox.


Feature Request #3:

When right clicking a link, I see a short menu of two entries: "Edit" and "Remove".  Because of Feature Request #2, this context menu should now include the list of all installed browsers, so that the link could be opened in any one of them.  This feature would be a way to bypass whatever value #1 and #2 is set to; this right-click context menu effectively overrides those settings and executes a one-time open in the selected browser.  KeyPass has this feature.


Here is why I want those settings:  Some applications don't work well with anything but IE (due to ASP or some MS specific dependency).  TradeStation is a windows based charting and trading program that opens supplies links to help, alerts, messages, pop-up notifications, etc that are IE specific, so when I click on that link and Firefox is my default browser, the important alert is not readable.  (Ok, so folks at TradeStation should fix this dependency, but they won't, and may never, the MS infrastructure is simply too great, I assume.)  So, I make IE my default and TS is happy.  But I surf exclusively with FF (and sometimes Chrome).  I just deal with it.  But I would LOOOOVE if Evernote had its own idea of a default browser so that I could engage Evernote exclusively with Firefox.

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It's an interesting possibility I guess,  but it's a huge complication that probably 95% of users wouldn't understand or use and therefore just borders on bloat.  I have some websites that 'demand' IE - but can be fooled by a Firefox add-in,  so I tend to use just the one browser all the time.  Two tabs (IME) burning less memory than having two separate apps running.  The only time when I run two browsers is if something refuses to load in the one,  I'll open different software to see if it's just me having that problem with one browser.

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The only way I see to do it is to create a shortlink and append it to the note.


You have to make a SC of the browser app then modify it via properties : append the url you want after the browser's path.

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I was wondering if you can disable EVERNOTE from opening after clipping a note from Internet Explorer or any other browser. Most often I add tags and put it in the notebook I want from the Browser extension, thus eliminating the need to "open after clipping". I would love to be able to change that default to "do not open after clipping".
I do not see a place to set that but, for me, 85-95% of the time I do not want it to open after clipping. BTW; Love the new improvements for clipping but we sure need a way to set default on "opening after clipping".


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Hi. You don't have to 'like' your own post to get any priority around here.  It is helpful to know what OS and browser you're using for clipping,  and whether it's Evernote's Clipper or Clearly.  Either way if you check the Options for your clipper (you may have to do that in the browser add-in page) you may be able to avoid a note window opening up.  If you're complaining about the application itself opening,  you should be able to minimise it and not see it again until you shut down.  The only other answer would be to use the web version and make sure your clips are saved online.

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