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Pane focus after adding a reminder


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Here's a weird issue: after I add a reminder to a note (using my mouse, because unfortunately there is still no keyboard-only way to do that), none of the panes seem to have focus. So, I have to click somewhere in the interface to get focus again, after which I can continue to move around in the interface using the keyboard. Wouldn't it make much more sense to have focus on the note, after you close the reminder popup?

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Nope - Touch and Desktop are 1) different OS's and 2) I don't use Touch so can't really comment on usability.  Desktop however..


If I hit 'esc' after setting a reminder I go to the start of the note - if Ctrl+N I get a new note.. Evernote still has focus so while you can't set a reminder with a key stroke you can use the other shortcuts to zoom elsewhere from there...

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