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I am a new user and my enthusiasm got me to the 'go premium' then it all came to a stop! As I approached the go premium I could not read the info. regarding payment so I could not proceed. Talk about putting up barriers! I even got out a magnifying glass! Is there a way to make the text readable? Tnx

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Hi and welcome to the forums !


This is probably a browser issue. Are you using a smart phone?

Go to Evernote.com with your preferred browser (Chrome works very well), sign in and go to your account (upper right hand corner). Change the setting to "premium".

That should do the trick.


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I assume you're talking about light green text on a white background? If so, this isn't just an issue on the website, you'll run into the same issue in the EN apps as well.


I think the design staff are so enamored with the logo colors (light green and grey) that they put it everywhere, even when it means sacrificing legibility. 


A couple of threads on the issue:



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