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I lost data updating a note with reminder

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Last night I woke at 2 AM, grabbed my android and jotted down some updates to a note i Evernote. Something sad happened  (I lost the data I had entered) and afterwards I used the android app to send this problem report to support-webform@evernote.com:




It's now about 02.22 here ( 2.22 AM I guess ?) Less than 30 minutes ago I was updating a note with quite a lot of text. At 01.45 after completing entering the text I clicked the upper left confirm button that looks like a check symbol. All my updated text disappeared, leaving the note in a state about half hour earlier, round 01.15.


It has happened me before but not with so much data lost. It really sucks extra this time.


I use the Android app a lot. It's generally very good, but I find the whole thing of editing a note to be confusing and cumbersome.


Entering a note is always in view mode - it takes two clicks to get to edit mode. I can live with that.


Worse is the confusion and uncertainty I feel about the saving of notes and syncing to the server.


I don't really have a clear view of when saving locally really happens.


I also don't really have a clear view of when server sync happens.


About saving locally, does Evernote have an autosave function like word processors like Word have?


About server sync, I normally want manual control over this. But just yesterday I changed the global Android data sync setting to active. I think that affects how Evernote syncs as well. This was unfortunate since I wasn't prepared for what happened.


Since android devices have small storage I guess there is no chance of a local copy existing with my updates?"



After three hours, not having recieved a reply from Evernote (except for auto-reply), I sent them a new message:


"Hi again,


I submitted a report three hours ago.


I found a pattern that might be a clue to when data loss occurs in connection with updating and syncing a note.


The pattern I discovered is:


if the note in question has a reminder then data loss might occur.


I just did a small set of tests.


I added some dummy text to a note without a reminder and clicked the check button.  The note updated ok. 


I then took the same note and added a reminder, and the added some more text.  The text disappeared when I clicked check.


Curiosity rising, I removed the reminder, added some text and clicked check. The text disappeared.


I finally added some more text and clicked check. The text disappeared.


My conclusion from these tests together with my problem report is:


The updating of a note seem to fail from the moment reminder is added to the note. Then problem seem to persist even after the reminder(s) are removed from the note - update always seem to fail after that.


In the set of tests I only looked at the updating of added data, not on the syncing, whereas in my problem report earlier tonight I also mention syncing. But in both cases my device was activated for data sync.


This is on a LG Optimus 4x HD device running android 4.0.2.






Since I use the free version maybe I won't be getting a reply, am I guessing right?


Has anyone heard of this type of problem in connection with reminders? 





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Thanks for reporting and cataloging thoroughly--I'm having our development team check this out now and have appended the thread info to your ticket.

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