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I have just installed Clipper on my Windows 8 Firefox browser only to find in Clipper I can only clip the full page or the URL. What happened to the other choices ie 'article' and 'selected' or am I missing something? The joy of the 'article' selection is the ommission of all the advertising tat that appears on so many pages and of course it keeps ones selections neat and tidy.



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Hi John,

- Article clip is still there IF the alogrithm detects an article. Occasionally it fails and then it will not show up as a choice. If you think the behavior is a bug please post the URL and we can have a look.

- Selection clips require you to make the selection before you click the toolbar button. 

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Thank you for the reply. I have tested it out and find your info is correct. However in my use of the clipper over the last few years it has never failed to clip an article which is why I queried this action.

Regards  JohnL

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@Lakeview - 2 things to try:

1) please check your options to make sure you have article detection enabled 

2) In Firefox you have 2 clipping modes

a) send to web

B) send to desktop


The article detection varies with the top level setting and we have more options available for 'send to web' setting

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Well, then the URLs tested may be failures of the algorithm, try on New York Times for example. The one you posted I also see the faiure of finding the article so I've filed that as a bug. 

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I have gotten an article find on a couple of pages, so I think it may be the website's coding/style. It seems that the ones I frequent have this problem. I'll have to look at my saved articles to see if the websites have anything in common. Thanks for your help.

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This happens to me a lot, too. What I don't understand is how the Chrome clipper functions just fine on the same pages and lets me +/- select almost anything on a page (in addition to having lots of extra features). Only the firefox plugin fails. Why isn't the Firefox plugin at parity with the Chrome plugin? Can't you use the same article detection logic?

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