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    Thank you for the reply. I have tested it out and find your info is correct. However in my use of the clipper over the last few years it has never failed to clip an article which is why I queried this action. Regards JohnL
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    firefox Firefox

    I have just installed Clipper on my Windows 8 Firefox browser only to find in Clipper I can only clip the full page or the URL. What happened to the other choices ie 'article' and 'selected' or am I missing something? The joy of the 'article' selection is the ommission of all the advertising tat that appears on so many pages and of course it keeps ones selections neat and tidy. JohnL
  3. Yesterday I had help on the forum after my 'Clipper stopped working. I am now in a situation where after a few ' clips ' it stops working again or disappears from the browser bar. When I download the web clipper yet again it sometimes works or just disappears. Another problem I have encountered is once I clip something and the side bar pops out, the scrolling Topic window is frozen and I have to use the ' search ' option at the top of the window to add a Note header. I am using Win7 and Chrome. JohnL
  4. Coincidentally the defrag has just finished and the link and suggestion worked. Any ideas why it just got lost from my 'bar? JohnL
  5. Thanks for the reply jefito. I am running a disk defrag on the 'puter I am referring to but will do that as soon as I can. Thanks again JohnL
  6. Alongside my address bar I have had the Evernote icon which I use to save items to my account. This afternoon it disappeared. I am a premium acc' holder. I am on Win 7 with a Google Chrome browser. Any ideas on how to get it back? Thanks JohnL
  7. Thanks for that BurgersNFries. Noted!
  8. Hi, and thanks for the very prompt reply! I guessed it would be something simple and I am grateful for the info. Thanks again JohnL Later edit and that makes a difference Thanks again Metrodon - JohnL
  9. Hi every-one. I am a newbie, a Premium holder and have been using Evernote for some time. However I wish to get deeper into using Evernote and on reading many pages and watching Utube I am becoming confused. ie is there Web based page and a separate PC based page, as certain items mentioned do not appear on my Evernote pages ? To date I appear to be using a web based page, but items mentioned on the Evernote Help pages do not appear on my pages. Below is a list of items which are referred to but I do not have. No - Note info button at top right of the Edit screen or any other for that matter. No - Note view options button. No - Note book views button. No - Atlas button No - reference to 'Shortcuts' or 'Recent' boxes. No - Activity button. . . . and I am only on page 4 of the help section. I fully appreciate I must be doing or have something wrong in the way I am doing things, so I need help or guidance please. Flustered and probably going to be embarrassed by a simple answer - oh well JohnL I have attached a screenshot of my a typical page
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