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percent of completion

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The Back story/situation.

I use a macbook pro at home, an Ipad, an Iphone and a pc at work all with the Evernote app and I'm on the paying version of Evernote.


I organise the technical elements of events at a convention centre; lights, sound, video etc.

I use an Evernote stack called "events" containing a separate notebook per event. In each event notebook I put in a note per client meeting, a note for the technical requirements of the show, a note for a post event report and most importantly a note with a tick-list of the steps taken towards getting the job done(milestone sheet).

Events at my venue have a status "firm" "enquiry" "speculative" etc.


I have, till recently, used Trello. The colour coding of events by status is great and it gives me an "at a glance" readout of the percentage completion of a checklist.


Seeing as I really like Evernote coupled with GoodNotes (I don't like penultimates scrolling) for meeting notes I want to dump Trello so I'm only managing one application. 

I cannot colour code or even tag my Evernote notebooks which is a major drag but I can tag the milestone sheet which is a workaround.


Here's the question (finally)

Weekly I have to produce a report showing the progress of each job towards completion by percent.

On my milestone sheet there are a number of steps in the process or "ticks" in my checklist

If there were say 20 "ticks" I can do the maths easily (5% per tick = total%). Unfortunately some events have a list of sometimes 23 but sometimes only 13 (depending on how often the client changes their mind ;) . It would be nicer if Evernote could do the calculstions for me.


Can one get Evernote to give one the Percentage of completion through the ticks on a checklist?

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