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Note Links Problem - linking to web instead of App

Kevin Bonham


I've just started getting back into using Evernote, and am running into some trouble with linking to notes within the desktop app. I like hyperlink text with links to other notes, but I'm having some trouble I didn't use to have.


When I have a note selected, and either use the menu or keyboard shortcut to "copy note link," it puts the web link on the clipboard (e.g. https://www.evernote.com/blah/blah-blah/XXXXX-XXXX-XXXX). If I then highlight some text, and add a link to that text, the link launches in the browser instead of in the EN app. 


Interestingly, if I just paste straight into a note (not as a hyperlink), the link gets pasted as the app-link (eg. evernote:///view/XXXXX-XXXX-XXXX). Clicking that links to the note within the app. So in principal, I could copy the note link, paste it into evernote, then copy the newly formatted link and use that for the hyperlink, but that seems absurd. Is there a way to copy the note link in the app-link format by default?



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new behaviour, discussed at length in many other threads. 


Default behaviour: when pasting within evernote, you get evernote:/// links. When pasting OUTSIDE EN, it will be https:// links. 


To force evernote:/// no matter where you paste you need a "classic link". You can copy classic links by holding opt (mac) or alt (windows) when you right-click the note you want to retrieve a link for. 

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That behavior makes sense, but I'm getting the http link when pasting inside evernote, if I'm hyperlinking text within a note. Is that a bug?

Your work around for classic link will work, except that I generally use keyboard shortcuts - is there one for copying a classic note?

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Currently no default shortcut for copying classic link unfortunately. Normally  you could map the hotkey yourself in your System Preferences, but Evernote doesn't appear to make "Copy Classic Note Link" available from the menu bar, and the option key modifier doesn't change it, so it cannot be mapped! A bit frustrating... 

Are you noticing that the "new" style link pastes as https:// in the cmd-k menu (where you can add a URL to text)? I also see that behaviour. I believe that is a known issue. It should paste as an evernote:/// link in that menu, but currently it does not. I suspect we'll see a fix in the next release. the current workaround is indeed to copy a classic link until they fix this wonkiness. 

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Apparently on a Mac, you can not undo the web link, but must delete what you associated the link with and redo. Bummer. I do wish that Evernote had added the web link as option rather than replacing the default. Also, I note that on my new pre-Maverics iMac, the paste does not place the title of the note as a hyperlink, but merely inserts the link instead.

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My current strategy is just to paste links directly into the note (not hyperlinking text). On the one hand, this is nice because it pastes the link in as green text so it can be distinguished from web links, but it forces me to name my notes such that they fit nicely in the textual flow. Slightly inconvenient, but not the end of the world.

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