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Pasting text or screenshots form PDFs into Evernote with SOURCE?



Hi there,

I would like to know, if there is a function like this available in Evernote?


In short: When viewing a PDF I want to take snapshot of the paragraph and paste it into EN with a reference (link) to the PDF file.


Is this possible?



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Afaik, you can't even copy a selection from a PDF _in_ an Evernote Note and paste it into a new Note and get a link back to the original Note.


***Linking between selections from sources other than the Web which are pasted into an Evernote Note and the source of the selection would be a great addition to Evernote, imho.***


Personally, I'd like a "link-back" link for everything pasted.  At least for use by the desktop client.  (In my case, Mac.)

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