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Do I need to use iCloud Backup service?

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I've been using Evernote for a number of years on my desktop PC, iPad and iPhone. I've just noticed the the iCloud backup file size for Evernote on the iPad is 1.5GB, whereas it is only 700 MB on the iPhone. Can anyone explain why there is such a discrepancy in the file sizes.


Do I need to use the iCloud backup service if all the data is stored on the Evernote servers? Surely if I have to reinstall Evernote on one of my devices then it will automatically sync will the data stored centrally by Evernote?

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Hi - your phone doesn't download all your notes unless you specifically set a notebook up for Offline Searching;  so what it's got is an index and some snippet thumbnails,  and maybe some cached notes;  but not the whole enchilada.  If your desktop has more,  there's probably a good reason for that,  and it includes a full and complete copy of your whole database,  plus any Local (unsynced) Notebooks that you might have created.


Now if you need to reinstall that database,  you can do so from a local or an iCloud backup,  or you can wait for a few hours while it downloads from Evernote's servers.  If you do have any Local (unsynced) Notebooks though,  they won't be present,  because unsynced does exactly what it says on the can.  The only copy is on your hard drive - and (apparently) in iCloud.


There are lots of arguments that backups to the cloud are a Good Thing.  But put it this way.  I have a hard drive with spare space.  Wanna give me your backup copy?  I promise to keep it till you need it.  Honest.


I take the view that my data is MY DATA and no-one is going to take such good care of it as me.  I keep my own local backups.  Always.

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I personally have EXCLUDED Evernote data from my iCloud backup for much of the reasons states by you and Gaz. Indeed with a cache in the hundreds of mb eating up a good segment of my measly 5gb iCloud, plus the redundancy of Evernote's servers and my mac's backups, I didn't deem it necessary.

As for the discrepancy in cache size, I suspect it has something to do with what Evernote has cached on each device based on what you acess, plus accommodating whatever the available space was on the device. Just speculation!

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How does one set-up he Icloud to use as a back up Evernote?

If your iOS device backs up to iCloud already, Evernote and its application data should be backed up automatically.

To enable iCloud backup, go to:

Settings>iCloud>Backup, and turn it on. 



To define what does or does not get backed up, you can navigate to:

Settings>iCloud>Manage Storage>[Name of your device] 

and in here you can exclude certain applications from iCloud. 



That being said, now that Apple makes a 20gb iCloud plan available for $1/month, I've decided to include Evernote back into the iCloud backup. Reconfiguring the iOS client every time I do a restore or upgrade the device is a real pain, and re-including it in iCloud backup has meant I no longer need to fiddle with these settings. 

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iCloud backup service is useful to many iPhone users. It can free you iPhone space if you back up photos on it.

What's more, you can recover data from it when you lost important data due to some situations like get our iPhone stolen, water damaged etc.

Then you can download your iCloud files on PC to restore your new iPhone.

How to use FonePaw iPhone Data Recovery to download iCloud backup files on PC? 

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