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Adding multiple tags to a note



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There's a certain size threshold the tag control wants. If the area is too small, it collapses. It does appear there is a bug since the drop down arrow also goes away.


To work around that either:

1) Make the window wider

2) Turn off text labels



dconnet, I realize you are discussing EN Win, but a WORSE condition exists in EN Mac.


It is NOT at all possible to see all the Tags in EN Mac if you have more than 3-4 tags.  There is NO drop-down arrow, on either the main Note Window or on the Note Info window.


Could you guys please work out a solution that will work across both platforms?


I would really like to have the Tag panel on the main Note window auto word-wrap and auto expand as necessary to show ALL tags.  If you think some users might not like this, you could make it be an option in the Preferences.



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I the only (very inadequate) workarounds that have resorted are: viewing the note in Expanded Card View thereby increasing the real estate in the tags window; viewing the note on my iPad  which has a drop down for all the tags - although on ios most of the tag names are unusable because EN has chosen the squash the names down to about the first 4 characters.  On the latter issue I was advised on this Forum, by an evangelist, to hope for a fix, someday.

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