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I am a new Evernote user, and I am hoping this facility will enable me to put all of my college info in one organised place. It looks so attractive, as it affords me ease of action (when I get used to it of course). I am a mature student, and at 57yrs old, am trying to improve upon myself. I have also had to learn how to use the computer, and be patient with everyone seeming to assume that I know what they already know. I find this infuriating. Yet time and time again - I am subjected to this. We all have to start somewhere, and that is always at the beginning. I have nobody sitting next to me explaining things, this is made all the more difficult, when even the advice and informations sections of websites assume that you understand their computer speak and associated lingo. I was quite upset with Evernote when I soon discovered that they are not as empathic as they appear to think they are. 

I want to find out how I make Evernote work for me. How do I use it along with my word docs and web research. To have all this in one place seems too good to be true I am thinking! Yes... I'm afraid it it. Drop and drag / one-click here / one click there, great - but how do I gain access to my Evernote? The man on YouTube, has his Evernote icon nicely along the side of his desktop, so he's okay. Another video, and yep, he has his icon all neat and tidy ready to use. It's 2 hours... And I still cannot find out how I get an Evernote icon on my taskbar (or wherever), so all I need to do is click on it - and I speedily have my Evernote. I have to reduce my tabs, and start again, because nowhere do you inform me how to have my Evernote icon. Why do you assume I know? Please inform me, why is it not one of the first things I'm shown how to do? How is Evernote quick and handy, if I need to go to a bookmark drop down, and then gain access to Evernote? 

I have gone onto Microsoft info pages, I have googled it - all to no avail. I still cannot find anywhere that just shows me what to do. Swipe down right hand side - nope, that isn't working. Right-click tab - that just allows me a pinned tab. So, it's getting dark now, and I need to get off of this laptop and relax. I felt I needed to inform you (implore you), to please, please do not assume that a person has the knowledge that you have. It is not fair, or dignified. We could all act intelligent, if you were in a situation whereby you were new to something, and it was assumed that you knew what the other person knew! 

Surely, to make this be appropriately speedily accessed - you would show the new to Evernote person, how to gain access to his stuff asap? "And now we will show you how you can have an Evernote icon in your toolbar". At that point - I would've thought to myself... "Thank you very much - what a great idea."

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Hi - welcome to the forums.  This is a user forum,  so we don't control the material that Evernote put out there,  and we are aware that there's a lot to learn - all of us have been through the same process.  I have a few years on you and find that Evernote is ideal for those 'senior moments' when the right words just don't pop into your head - just search on any related words that pop-up and the missing details will appear.  Mostly.


Some of us here are volunteer Moderator / Evangelists who help maintain a reasonable degree of disorder in the forums,  and one Christopher Mayo (AKA GrumpyMonkey) has published a lot of helpful stuff in his website.  Evernote do have lots on Youtube and on the Evernote.com website,  and I can only ask you to be patient and keep reading - it does get easier...


If you have further specific questions,  please ask them here - it always helps to know whether you're on a tablet,  a phone or a desktop and whether its Mac / Windows / Android.


Good luck!

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Hi Dave! Getting your Evernote into your taskbar has different steps depending on what computer or operating system you have. Have you downloaded the Evernote application, or are you accessing it through your web browser? To have it in your computer's dock or taskbar, it must be downloaded as an application. You can download it here: https://evernote.com/evernote/


Without knowing what computer or operating system you have, I can't really help you with this step. But it sounds like you have Windows 8, if you are swiping? If that's the case, go to the Desktop portion of the computer (not the Tiles), click the link I posted above, and follow its instructions. Once you have Evernote installed, you should get a desktop icon for it, with the little green elephant. Double-click that and Evernote will open. Once it's open, you will see a little elephant icon in your taskbar as well. Right-click it, and select "Keep in Taskbar". Voilá! Now when you exit Evernote, it will still stay in your Taskbar, just a click away :)


Do understand, though, that this isn't unique to Evernote — this is a computer function, so it's out of any application's responsibility to really teach its users how to do this. This comes with learning how to use a computer, and it will get easier! If you need assistance with learning more about how to use a computer (especially Windows 8, because it's very unfriendly to new computer users), I always suggest seeing if your local library, or perhaps university, holds technology assistance classes. It's a great, free way to get one-on-one help!


Let me know if this was what you were looking for, or if you need more help setting it up :)

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Thank you. I have done this but... I still need instructions! Please will you simply inform me what it is I need to do? I have been using computers for about ten years. However, I cannot know what I do not know. I have windows 8.1. May I kindly ask you once again - for instructions? I am not being rude or overly intolerant - but I would be so grateful for some plain simple instructions please. I will take all responsibility from there on.

Regards, Dave

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