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Indexing problem

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I just searched for a text within a jpg I knew I had clipped, but evernote did not find anything, Found it via date, and note info says "2 image files were not indexed". (in german, freely translated here)


The files were added on March 3rd and I am a premium user, so processing time should not be the problem.


Any idea what could be wrong?

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I suggest raising a support ticket (see below) - I don't know of any restrictions on OCR within JPG files,  and if you're a premium user the indexing should have completed with a couple of days (at worst) of syncing the files back to the server.

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Did a little more research, and the notes are actually indexed - searching for the text within the image works fine in the web version. Seems the indexing is not downsynced correctly to the windows client. I'll open a ticket.


[ETA] Solved without ticket, by reinstall. 

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