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Bug Report in Evernote Windows Pre Release Version (

Sugeeth Krish

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Okay, another observation, one fine day, and i find that it has been around, for quite a while. Since, I am using the beta version for testing purposes, Please verify this across the latest stable versions as well.


Ok, So, the issue is this -


1. In the Windows Client, When you click "Copy Note Link" and paste it into some other note, Evernote automatically pastes the Title of the copied note, along with a internal clickable hyper link. If you click edit button, you will find that it has something like this evernote:///view/xxxx. [ This means that the note has not been shared publicly]


2. When you voluntarily want to share a Note, you click the Share button ( Share icon turns blue), and the note will go public. Evernote will generate you a link with something like this - https://evernote.com/shard/xxx


3. If you turn off Click Sharing for that note, and then sync , and now if you type the same previous link - https://evernote.com/shard/xxx ( the note which was available earlier), you will get a message saying Evernote Error and that the Note is not available publicly now, a typo  or the sharer has chosen to make the note private.


4. Also, at any given time, if you type, sharedate:* in your Evernote account, you will get all the notes which are being currently publicly shared.


5. However, this is my problem. As a logical extension to 'Copy Note Link', Evernote Windows also supports clickable Hyperlinks to other text. So, if you generate a link for Note A and select a word or paragraph in Note B, right click HyperLink and paste, the selected portion of text in B turns Blue and becomes clickable, and when clicked points to Note A. This Hyperlink should point to the Internal Note link of B, ( evernote://view//xxx). However, what is actually happening is that in the recent versions, Evernote is actually pasting (https//evernote.com/shard/xxx) and mapping it to the hyperlink. By doing this, Evernote is actually making B a public shared Note, when it is simply only supposed to make an internal link with Note A. Now, even the User nor Evernote knows that the note has become public.


6. This causes the following problems -


(1) Users who wish to keep their notes private, don't even know that their note is available publicly.


(2) Users who access Evernote offline on Mobile, find links broken, since they cannot access , https:// . Workflow even for Premium users, who use the much vaunted Offline Notebooks, is terribly broken. :angry:


(3) On observing Note A clearly, one does not find the Blue icon as a shared. Also, on searching sharedate:*, Evernote search results do not throw up A as a publicly shared Note. However, Note A is available publicly through a browser, when the linking URL  https://evernote.com/shard/xxx is pasted on a Web Browser.


7. In order to be sure if this was always the case, i rechecked the public URL with Notehyperlinks for some older notes which were created around Nov 2013. I find that the hyperlinks point to (evernote://view/xxx) and not (https://evernote.com/shard/xxx).


8. I also wish to know from Evernote, how to take my notes available from the web, since the note by itself does not have the 'Unshare' option.


9. Please do this test for yourself and let me know if this is a beta test bug (or) is this present even in the latest stable version?


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Thanks for the reply, but the link that you have pushed out, does not pertain to my use case, which is much more serious - an instance of a user's not becoming public and being shared without their knowledge, and worse, even the Evernote client is unable to notice this.


It needs to be fixed soon..
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Your notes aren't being shared publicly.


We made a change so that if you paste a note link outside of Evernote, we now use an https format. This is a much more widely supported protocol, and you can even have the browser remember that you prefer to open notelinks inside of the native Evernote client. This means when you click on a note link (even if it is an https link), it can still open Evernote. We essentially have the browser call the native Evernote client.


Anyways, even though it may look similar to a Share URL, a note link is not publicly available. Go ahead and try it by pasting the notelink into the address bar of your browser. You should see an Evernote login screen.


If you're already logged in, and you have permission to access that note then you'll see the note along with some messaging on whether or not you'd like to open the native desktop client. Otherwise you'll see a request permission screen.


I hope this clarifies.

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