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Possible bug? Lost a note that for sure was synced

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Hey guys, just wanted to check if this has happened to any of you, and how I might avoid this in the future.


Here's the order of events:

- Typed up a note 3 days ago (pretty long too).

- Hit sync.

- Upgraded evernotes (the notification popped up)

- Went to do other things/turned off my laptop.



- Opened evernote, saw the note I typed a few days ago.

- I was able to see the preview you get to see when you're in snippet mode. Everything seems to be all good.

- I clicked on the note, as I wanted to read what I typed.

- Saw the note briefly, then poof!  everything in that note disappeared. It just went blank.

- Couldn't undo (ctrl+z), clicked sync, nothing :(


Is there a reason why this happened? I usually have evernote cached/running in the background on my Nexus 5, could this have been the problem? Could it have been a bug w/ the update?


If there's an explanation to why this happened, it'd be really great. I love using evernote because of the sync and organized feature and layout, and I'm pretty bummed about losing a note :(

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It shouldn't be hazardous to your data to have other versions of Evernote active while working on one client or the other - it's the moment at which a note is added/ edited that pegs it as the 'latest' version and provided that syncs to the server you should be safe.  It's a shame you synced after losing the note - if you had shut down the laptop and gone directly to the web client you should have found the note.  It's still worth a look,  but I'd not be hopeful.  Try the trash notebook in all your clients,  and if all else fails raise a support ticket (see below) the tech team may be able to help..

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Same thing happened to me couple of weeks ago. Doing some research with data stored in a spreadsheet. Away from my computer, I had my iPhone handy, and when entering a figure, i guess I pressed the backspace key, and everything just blew away.- OK, I thought it still was on my computer, so when I approached it, the same note was blank. Only the title of the note remained. Few days later the spreadsheet was back in a new note with the note title "conflicting...." something. I just don't know what happened.



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"conflicting changes" - or conflicting anything.. just means Evernote didn't know which was the latest version of a note,  so it parked one version in a notebook with that name.  Good call though - check to make sure you don't have one of these,  you might find a missing note content there even if there's a blank version in the main notebook.  Just move the 'conflicting' note back into the appropriate notebook.

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