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  1. I experienced something similar. I created a table 6 by 20 cells in OpenOffice Writer, put some data into the cells. Copied it into EN, formatting and data were beautiful. But one time putting in a comment that was a little too long to fit, it made a new linefeed as it is supposed to do, but the lines representing the cells' borders disappeared. Still, all the data items are where they should be, both on my PC (Windows 7) and iPhone 5, and I can make adjustments and additions as usual. Copying the table back to OpenOffice Writer shows no table, but the data items are where they should be, even the table header. This situation is OK for me, but there is obviously a bug somewhere.
  2. I have probably lost something. I sign in to my EN account using my E-mail address and ten lowercase letters. Works fine!
  3. Don't know if this is the smartest solution, but I activate the map application on my iPhone, send the current position to my Evernote Mail account where it appears in decimal degrees. Then I copy and paste it into my note (using Windows 7). KM
  4. I have used Opera as my only browser for many years, and Evernote since November 2013. I haven't experienced any of the problems you mentioned. My current version of Opera is 20.0.1387.91. Windows 7 (64) KM
  5. Thanks much! I just asked for ideas for improvement, and your suggestion seems to be exactly what I've been missing. I guess I will go for your first alternative. Gives the records little more professional look. KM
  6. Same thing happened to me couple of weeks ago. Doing some research with data stored in a spreadsheet. Away from my computer, I had my iPhone handy, and when entering a figure, i guess I pressed the backspace key, and everything just blew away.- OK, I thought it still was on my computer, so when I approached it, the same note was blank. Only the title of the note remained. Few days later the spreadsheet was back in a new note with the note title "conflicting...." something. I just don't know what happened. KM
  7. I am doing lots of observations of the nature that surrounds us, and my special interest is about mushrooms. I send my observations to one of the major scientific databases in my country (Norway). Being an EN user for some time, I decided to use EN to organize the most significant details about my finds. I have searched the member forum in order to find templates used by collectors of stamps or coins or whatever, that could be useful for my own purpose, but didn't find much. So, I decided to make a template of my own, like the one you see below. Of course, I can at any time log into the national database, and there look up all my findings presented in the way I want, but I also wanted a brief information in EN in order to bring the information on my iPhone out into the fields. I have a notebook which I call «Templates» where I have couple of other templates, so when making an entry, I copy this template to The Mushroom notebook making a new note given the name of the mushroom, and then fill in the necessary data. Filling in data for a mushroom of the same kind that has been registered before, I could call the note Chantarelle 1, Chantarelle 2.... Finally I have included an option to link to databases or member forums that could provide additional information. Then I have a simple database in a notebook named «Mushrooms» with a number of observations, everyone organised in the same way. Easy to search and find. My template could probaboy be useful for others as well, collectors of any kind. Feel free to use my idea to satisfy your own needs. Thankful for any additional ideas to improve my template. KM
  8. Does your screen have the same Evernote look, or does it change? Seems like you have a Trojan in your computer. KM
  9. Keyboards configured for other languages than English, may have other combinations. CTRL + ; doesn't work with my keyboard (Norwegian), but CTR + ˜ works. Windows 7. KM
  10. Interesting alternatives. Will check them out. Thanks.
  11. Thanks! That was What I decided to do. A list of four appointments copied into four notes and four reminders doesn't require much space, But a list of fifty birthdays.....
  12. I have one list with appointments with my dentist. Have saved this list as a note. Wouild like to make one reminder for each of the appointments. I have tried to, but each new reminder deletes the previous one. Did I neglect something? My OS is Windows 7 Professional 64 bits. KM
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