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Feature request : edit text in bookmark



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In Web Clipper 6.1.1 for Chrome, I love being able to clip a PDF but am frustrated that all PDFs are named "Untitled Note" without prompting me for a title when saving, or even allowing me to re-title easily when I click to open online after saving. 


Would Evernote consider adding an option to be prompted for a title when clipping a PDF?

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Great news!  


Maybe if a field opens in the sidebar where we can optionally enter a title before saving the PDF, it will be unobtrusive while needing minimal extra clicks!


Anything I should sign up for to try the beta?

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+1 to the original request.  The pulled text from most sites is pretty awful.  And the alternatives are the significant number of clicks it takes to get from a clipped URL to an editable page on the Web site, or switching one's workflow entirely to go to the desktop app.  Royal pain when one has a few bookmarks to do in a row.  Even a way to more quickly get to a light, editable version of the bookmark, while not cluttering the current clip UI, would be handy -- though I don't know that that's possible outside of just smoothing integration to the Web site, and that tends to be full-featured but pokey for a quick-interaction use case like Web Clipper.

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You can add additional comments to the bookmark in the filing dialog. Click the notebook name in the sidebar to open this dialog. We have no plans to make bookmarks editable other than adding comments to the clip.


May I ask you why there aren't any plans of making the text or the image editable (or removable)? I don't think it'd clutter the UI or be intrusive. From my experience, the text is always useless and messy, as the clipper seems to just sweep through the page getting all the text it can find, which results in titles and "log in"/"sign in" links mixed with the content itself, everything glued together in one wall of text without any formatting whatsoever.


Also, I think it'd be nice to have the option to create the bookmark without any image (which at least in my case is never useful, since it's just a random small portion of the site) or text, leaving up to the user to select or not a relevant image and to write something or not. I don't have any experience developing softwares, so maybe I'm wrong about this, but as an user I think it's always best to have the choice  :)


I tried to think about possible drawbacks my suggestions could have, but honestly I couldn't find any, so if you do please tell me  :)

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