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  1. I'm having exactly the same problem. Extension shows related articles on a Google search just fine in Chrome. In Firefox it shows nothing. According to everything I've found on Evernote's own support site, it's supposed to be working for all browsers. And this feature has been around for *years*. So I can only imagine (hope?) it is a recent bug due to some of the changes with Firefox. In any case, I hope it gets resolved quickly.
  2. +1 to the original request. The pulled text from most sites is pretty awful. And the alternatives are the significant number of clicks it takes to get from a clipped URL to an editable page on the Web site, or switching one's workflow entirely to go to the desktop app. Royal pain when one has a few bookmarks to do in a row. Even a way to more quickly get to a light, editable version of the bookmark, while not cluttering the current clip UI, would be handy -- though I don't know that that's possible outside of just smoothing integration to the Web site, and that tends to be full-featured but pokey for a quick-interaction use case like Web Clipper.
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