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(Archived) Data did not save online


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Here's more details.


1. I originally created the note on my home computer.

2. I then made changes to it online on my work computer.

3. When I came home, I opened up evernote, synced it.

4. None of the work I did online was saved.

5. I went back online, and my note was replaced with what I had on my desktop.


Does that make sense?  What I can't figure out is why Evernote online did not save or at least show it in the conflicting changes? So frustrated.

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Sorry to hear about the missing information -


Between step #2 and #3 - I was going to ask if you sync'd, but you worked on the note online, so I assume there was no need to sync.


I could be totally wrong since I no longer use the Evernote web version.

Perhaps someone who understands the web version has some insight.

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Typing into the web browser version should be as good as working on the server - as long as the browser is still connected to the server.  I have some experience with another browser-only service which periodically tells me to reload the page because the connection between it and that server has dropped for some reason.  Over a 3 plus hours-long session I'd guess that a browser,  server or internet timeout somewhere eventually dropped and if the page continued to attempt to save contents,  the saves were no longer being passed to the Evernote server.  I know it's absolutely no help or compensation,  but it would be better to keep notes in a word processor with automatic local saves and then save that document file into Evernote.  Extended working via a web connection is - as you now know all too well - not reliable.  It would even be possible to highlight the content of a long Evernote page (Ctrl-A for select All) and copy / paste it into an email to send to your Evernote email address as a backup to web saving.


You could and should raise a support ticket (see below) in case Evernote has any way to recover any part of your work,  and to highlight this issue.  I can't offer any great hope of any recovery however - sorry.   :(

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Thanks gazumped for your suggestions. I may have to start doing that when I'm working online.  They should create a "save" button or something to tell you when you may be disconnected from the server. That is probably what happened, but unfortunately I had no idea as I've used it online and always saw it auto save.  


I put a ticket in to see what they can say.

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