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(Archived) Images (Sometimes) Won't Copy

Bryan Sullo

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Version (270946) on Windows 8.1


In order to work around the issue where cropping an image in Annotate causes the aspect ratio to be skewed, I've found that you can simply cut the image from the note and then paste it back in. The pasted image will have the correct dimensions.


The trouble is that right-clicking on an image and selecting Cut (or Copy) does not actually place the image in the clipboard most of the time. Selecting Paste pastes in whatever was on the clipboard before the image was (supposedly) cut or copied.


The same problem occurs if I try to copy an image and paste it into a different application.


I've verified this behavior across multiple (2) devices.

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Might help to diagnose if you could pull out a 3rd-party clipboard tool to report on what Evernote's actually putting on the clipboard in these cases (since the behavior is intermittent, it may be difficult to reproduce reliably). I use "Clipboard Format Spy" and "ClipSpy", both freely available. Oh, and you should open a support request as well.

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