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  1. Thank you for the suggestions and the link. Ink is black. Lighting was a combination of florescent overhead lighting and midday sunlight from a window less than 3 feed away. Lens position was square on the page in all axes (as seen in the non-processed example), and the page pretty much filled the frame. The phone is a Samsung Galaxy S7. It is the Evernote Android document camera.
  2. I'm not sure this is specifically an Android topic, but it seemed like the most applicable place to put it. I recently purchased an Evernote edition Moleskine notebook. I've scanned a couple of pages with my Android phone, and they're not great quality. Sure, the page is absolutely straight, thanks to the grid lines, but the text is sort of washed out. I've attached two images to this post, one is just a straight, unprocessed photo of a page, and the other is the Evernote-processed scan. Both were taken in the same location, minutes apart, in the same lighting conditions. My handwriting is almost illegible as it is, but you can see how the processing makes it worse. In the 4th line down, you can even see where the second "s" has completely disappeared from the word, "suggested". Does anyone have any suggestions for helping Evernote take better pictures of the Evernote edition notebook?
  3. Also on 7.9.2. On a Samsung Galaxy 5 (Android 6.1) Also having the black image problem whenever I try to save as a document or a business card.
  4. Version (270946) on Windows 8.1 In order to work around the issue where cropping an image in Annotate causes the aspect ratio to be skewed, I've found that you can simply cut the image from the note and then paste it back in. The pasted image will have the correct dimensions. The trouble is that right-clicking on an image and selecting Cut (or Copy) does not actually place the image in the clipboard most of the time. Selecting Paste pastes in whatever was on the clipboard before the image was (supposedly) cut or copied. The same problem occurs if I try to copy an image and paste it into a different application. I've verified this behavior across multiple (2) devices.
  5. The feature is awesome! Even when I had to switch to my tablet to use Skitch, it was a huge productivity enhancer. Having it directly on the Windows platform is tremendous.
  6. Adding my voice to a request for this feature to be included in the Android app. I just discovered it in the Windows application, and I think it would be very useful on other platforms.
  7. My apologies to all. I was responsible for deleting my own post. After clicking "Post" I realized it was not on topic (the topic being the missing feature, not Evernote policies or forum politics). Had I thought about the fact that those with immediate notification already had a permanent record of the post, and the assumptions people would jump to (that a Mod or Admin deleted it) I would have just left it.
  8. It's really easy to be oh so critical when you aren't directly involved in the work under the hood. I'm pretty sure they did not remove it & have not added it back yet just to peeve off their users. In the life of Evernote, this is a pretty new feature and there are workarounds that can be used & were used before this feature was added. I'm guessing EN simply haven't fine tuned whatever it was that caused them to remove this in the first place and/or there may be other, more pressing priorities. And I'm sure everyone would agree it's best to not roll something out before it's fully cooked. Agreed, but not communicating about it for two months is highly unprofessional. (That's my opinion, not necessarily a fact.)
  9. I see it every time I launch switch to page camera after having launched the app. Multiple times per day. If I create a few notes in a row, it doesn't come back, but if I close Evernote and re-launch it, the message appears the next time I switch to Page Camera.
  10. I do have the multishot camera activated. If I deactivate it, it uses my phone's built in camera app, and I have no option for page camera at all. Here's what I'm talking about: http://www.evernote.com/shard/s38/sh/352c28ae-d60d-4121-9d2b-5d587db07341/362b39a4d15ebdf3fdc04a4a0bfabffc
  11. I'm digesting a load of notes at the moment on my Android phone, using the page camera, but am slowed down considerably by having to activate the page camera each time I take a photo. Is there a way to set this to 'on' as a default, rather than 'off' as at present? Or, is there a way to make it remember the last-used camera mode? If not, please could I request this as a feature?
  12. The first time I switch to page camera after launching Evernote, I receive a notification that states: PAGE CAMERA Now you can scan documents into Evernote. Center a page in frame and take a photo. Works great with the Evernote Smart Notebook by Moleskine. Is there a way to turn off this notification?
  13. My apologies. On Thank you. On the strength of your findings, I went back and tested again. It appears it does work after all, without quotes. I must have been conflating trying a wildcard search for a tag with a space (where quotes are necessary) and a wildcard search for a tag with a hyphen (where, apparently, quotes are not necessary). Sorry for the confusion.
  14. I never presented it as anything but.
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