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  1. Thank you for the suggestions and the link. Ink is black. Lighting was a combination of florescent overhead lighting and midday sunlight from a window less than 3 feed away. Lens position was square on the page in all axes (as seen in the non-processed example), and the page pretty much filled the frame. The phone is a Samsung Galaxy S7. It is the Evernote Android document camera.
  2. I'm not sure this is specifically an Android topic, but it seemed like the most applicable place to put it. I recently purchased an Evernote edition Moleskine notebook. I've scanned a couple of pages with my Android phone, and they're not great quality. Sure, the page is absolutely straight, thanks to the grid lines, but the text is sort of washed out. I've attached two images to this post, one is just a straight, unprocessed photo of a page, and the other is the Evernote-processed scan. Both were taken in the same location, minutes apart, in the same lighting conditions. My handwrit
  3. Also on 7.9.2. On a Samsung Galaxy 5 (Android 6.1) Also having the black image problem whenever I try to save as a document or a business card.
  4. Adding my voice to a request for this feature to be included in the Android app. I just discovered it in the Windows application, and I think it would be very useful on other platforms.
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