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(Archived) Note formatting suddenly issues

Nick Smith

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I downloaded version this morning, and since the text formatting seems to be screwed. 


If I split a paragraph by pressing 'Enter' at the end of a sentence within an existing paragraph, the font of the new paragraph changes from the default Tahoma 12 point to Helvetica,Arial 11 point.  Also, if I change the font colour of a word/sentence, the font colour used in the remainder of the paragraph reverts back to the default black.


This cripples my workflow as I do a lot of test editing in this manner.  Is there a simple way to revert back to a previous version, or do you think this is something that could be rectified reasonably quickly?


I using 64 bit Windows 7. Thanks in advance.

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I'm on the same version in 64bit W8.0 and don;t have any of those problems.  I'd suggest a Revo remove/ clean reinstall of the latest package.  (Please search around here for the full process if you need it)

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