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I use evernote for both my work (though not within the company but as a personal tool) and private. With my Lenovo laptop can easily switch between the accounts. There is even a nice button for it. 


Why do I still have to logout and login with password on my Android and iPad? I use both the same as my Lenovo, both private and for my work. still I have to really logout and then login again, typing username and password. It would really be great if I can do so by just using a button. 

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I agree, this would be a good option to have for mobile devices (especially with the proliferation of BYOD schemes at institutions). Indeed it would be a slight compromise to security since it would be two accounts 'exposed' but perhaps a simple passphrase when switching would provide modest security without being too onerous for the user...

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Sharing is actually something I don't want. Because with 1 account I have my personal notes (shopping lists, to do lists, ideas etc...) and on the other I have my work related notes (articles to read, action plan, lists, etc..... )


The personal notes I share with my wife (i.e. she puts together a shopping list while I am at work, I drive to the supermarket and view the list on my mobile) and the work notes I share between my mobile devices and my fixed PC and share with people I have a professional relation with.  


Regarding the security, Normally you have a password on each and every device, so unless it is about online security with other systems, it is safe enough for my taste. Also it should be the users own responsibility to use it or not. 

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Hmmn..  I think a lot of Evernote's users tend to feel that no matter how dumb they've been Evernote should have warned / prevented / built in backups to ensure they did not experience data loss from their own misjudgements.  In response Evernote tends to take a very conservative view of data security - if anything could go wrong in a given situation,  they'll proactively try to prevent it.


Still the suggestion is out there - up to Evernote if they decide to do something with it..

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Many of us think visually, in addition to textually.  In bubbles and lines, nodes and arcs.


Please: Create a drawing tool for Evernote, similar to the drawing capability inside of, say, Microsoft Word.  It needn't be too fancy -- just the ability to create basic shapes and lines and add text to them.  Colors, line widths, and other fancy stuff isn't necessary.


A hot idea: integrate with Scapple -- they've already perfected an excellent product for both Mac and Windows.


And, no: Skitch doesn't cut it.



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