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About Evernote Points

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I have redeemed a coupon and got points credited since I am already a premium user.


The question is: extend the premium membership immediately or can just wait?

This may be overthinking. I intend to keep some points in case for upload boost but also concern over possible points "inflation" in the near future.


Regarding the value of points, I found the following declaration in Commercial Terms:


The number of Evernote Points required to consummate Points Transactions shall be determined by Evernote, in its sole discretion, and may change from time to time, without advance notice.



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Since this is a user forum I don't think any of us can give you a whole lot of insight into point inflation. Since points have been around for... less than a year, even experience can't tell you much. 

That being said, this practice is not at all uncommon with respect to "points" of any kind. The same clause could likely be found in your grocery store rewards program or Aeroplan/Airmiles, etc. I expect such a change would only occur if Evernote were to restructure their membership tiers, this way they can keep their points in line with the dollar value if they change it (such as by adding or removing levels of membership such that existing levels change price, or increasing the price, etc.). Granted these would be pretty big changes to make. Evernote's premium membership and price has been stable for several years, things have simply been tacked on above premium (e.g., Business), meaning a shuffle was note required. I don't think this is a major concern


If it were me, I wouldn't worry about inflation except if you are thinking of hanging on to those points for 2 years or something, within this period I could see potential for a change. At that point you might as well buy another month of premium today and just pony up the cash in case of an upload emergency down the road. 

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hello scotty thank you for your informative reply.


Actually I contacted the support but didn't get any kind of clarification. Normal, because this could involve future plans.

I agree with you on the scenario which could lead to the value change of points. They have kept the premium membership price and the policy regarding points earning relatively stable so it is unnecessary to worry about inflation in the short term. 

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